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Installing Tomahawk


  • Unix-based operating system.
  • Super-user priviledges if installing system-wide.


Compiling and running Tomahawk requires a CPU with at least SSE4.2 available. This is a computational requirement stemming from the use of machine-optimized instructions called Single instruction, multiple data (SIMD). This processing paradigm enables us to perform operations on multiple datapoints simultaneously. The (Streaming SIMD Extensions) SSE4.2 instruction set, and later, describes the instructions for performing these operations and are embedded in the CPU.

Installation instructions

For modern x86-64 CPUs with SSE4.2 or later, just type make. If you see compilation errors, you most likely do not have SSE4.2. At the present time, we do not support non-x86-64 CPUs or old CPU architecture.

git clone --recursive
cd tomahawk

Debug mode

If you are extending upon Tomahawk or debugging, we provide a DEBUG flag to build with all warnings triggered and with debug symbols enabled. See the main makefile for more information.

make DEBUG=true